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HCC urged to explain ward grant audit

THE Honiara City Council has been called on to explain the status of its ward grant auditing.

This call follows allegations on seeming ignorance showed by the councillors in allowing their voters access information on the spending of the ward grant.

The source, who requests anonymity, told this paper yesterday that it has been almost two years and nothing is known about the grants.

“We receive nothing from our councillor for the last two years, but our councillors keep on taking the grant.

“This is the reason I want to make this call so that a thorough auditing to happen on those ward grant to know what the grant was used for and where they were spend.

“Because there’s no proper distribution and assistance been made to us voters for the last two years until now,” the source said.

The source emphasises that the call is not based on criticism but that it is important that councillors must practise transparency, which would help them in being accountable for their works in office.

The source said nobody denies assistances provided by the councillors to their wards through the ward grants.

But to know whether the grants are rightly used for the benefit of the voters is the concern that makes up this appeal, the source said.

The source said the voters need the information so that they can keep their councillors on track on what they do with the grants.