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Police closes in

Two suspects identified in LGZ double murder, community cooperation vital


SUSPECTS in the LGZ double murder have been identified with police hot on their trail.

Police Commissioner Mathew Varley reveals that two suspects are in their radar, adding that police investigators have been and still are working around the clock on their leads, and are closing in.

As of late, police have been operating in Malaita to track down the two men.

“We have identified the suspects from the CCTV footage obtained from within the shop,” Mr Varley said.

This is a particular gruesome and serious case and police are working with the communities to track down the two identified suspects, he said.

“I would say at this stage that those two men know who they are and no doubt trying to avoid police capture,” Mr Varley.

He said it is not productive to release their names as police investigation is continuing.

He reiterates that the two men are aware that police are looking for them and police are aware that the communities have information about where they are.

So while investigation is going on behind the scene, police are urging communities to work together with the police.

Mr Commissioner is also calling on the two men to give themselves up to the police.

He also urges the public not to speculate about the circumstances of the case because it could harm investigation.

He said police are in the process of sending the CCTV footage to Australia for further examination.

He also revealed that a vehicle alleged to be part of the incident has also been seized by the police with the bush knife found in the crime scene suspected to be the murder weapon.

“We have two prime suspects in this case and I can tell you from the CCTV footage that the offence inside the shop relates to this two men,” Mr Varley said.

He also confirms that no arrest was made since the incident occurred.