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CIP’s fate on PCDF next week

THE Joint Oversight Committee (JOC) left Tulagi yesterday morning without an answer on Central Islands Province (CIP) re-appeal for its disqualification on PCDF funding.

According to CIP Premier Hon Patrick Vasuni, a meeting on this matter had already taken place on Wednesday evening but the fate of the province will be made known on Monday next week.

“Maybe on Monday then a response should be given on whether there is a reform on our fate,” said Hon Vasuni.

“On asking the PS of the province, he has also remained tight lipped as well meaning there is still no response.”

This week on Tuesday and Wednesday, JOC Comprising of Secretaries and Stakeholders of the National Government were in Tulagi to consider the assessments of all the provinces.

As they were in the province, the CIP Premier and his Executive took the opportunity to re-appeal over the province disqualification on the 2017-2018 PCDF Funding.

The purpose of the disqualification according to the Premier is because of past bad decisions by the former Provincial Executive Government of the province.

This is by breaching Law 2 of the PCDF Minimal Conditions (MC2) under the Public Service General Orders.

“Missing out on the PCDF Funding means that a lot of projects will be held for this year,” said the Premier.

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