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Finance Minister must tell the truth: Opposition

THE Parliamentary Opposition Group has called on the Minister of Finance & Treasury Snyder Rini to tell the truth about the current financial situation of the country.

In a statement yesterday, the Opposition Group said it is only hypocritical to keep on denying that there is no serious financial problem.

“This is not the first time we are raising this issue. The last time we did, the Finance Minister has denied any cash flow difficulty and that our finances are stable. However, it has not been reflective of the frequent problems of payments to service providers, suppliers, contractors and our students under scholarships,” it said.

The Opposition Group also said the recent revelation by the NTU director in the Solomon Star Wednesday this week that the ‘Government basket is empty’ is alarming.

“The fact that it has been revealed in this case relating to the delay of payment of allowances to students overseas is a worrying situation,” it said.

The Opposition statement said they have received reports and are aware of certain Government ministries that are currently faced with problems with unpaid office rentals, halting of Government work programs because of lack of funds; which have caused a lot of frustration amongst public servants as well.

Therefore, the Opposition Group has urged the Finance Minister to tell the truth.

“There is nothing wrong in admitting that we are facing financial difficulties. In fact, by informing us and the nation as a whole will help us look for alternatives to address this current situation. And we can start with the Government listening to its people and stop unnecessary spending on unbudgeted items,” the statement said.


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