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Young people realise potential as a peace builders

Female participants of boarderline and greenvally community listening
intently to their trainer Moses Aipuru.

A number of young people who live in informal settlements around Honiara city learned ways to become active peace builders as a result of a training on Peace Building, which they attended last week.

The training was part of a collaboration between the UN Peace Building Fund implemented by UNDP, UN Woman and Youth@Work.

At the end of the training the young people share their reflections on what they have learnt.

“I have learnt about intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, it’s like at first I have difficulty in communicating well. Now it is clear as I have knowledge of Peace building as a means of removing conflict,” Jethro Siosi said.

“From this I will start a business in using these skills I will study the character of people, finding ways to influence as my customers.

“The kind of business I have in mind is; instead of aiming to make money for profit, I will make money to help my community instead.”

Wilma too shared the same sentiments of learning new things that made her reflect on the actions she has taken and inspired to do things differently.

Ms Mamangon said, “To become a peace builder and influence my peers to do the same, I first have to change my behaviour and attitude only can make a difference.”

Wilma revealed that she has learnt a lot and planned that after “I would find time to talk my peers in the area where I live, I believe in doing so, it would help them see things differently and become peace builders as well”.

The workshop was held over a period of two weeks and those who attended were young people in communities from Burns Creek, Lungga, Borderline and Green valley.

The facilitator, Chief Reconciliation Officer Moses Aipuru, said that he has also learnt a lot from the youth who attended.

“There’s active participation and it shows that they are continuously learning and I believe they are getting something out from the training,” Mr Aipuru said.

This training is part of an entrepreneurship initiative, where young people will eventually set up their small businesses, enabling them to become economically empowered.


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