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Acting out of the box

The trainor Greg Poloso; ‘the design and outcome of the product is determined by how you and everyone around you wil benefit from. Photo credit Y@W Ruth Amos

YOUNG entrepreneurs who joined Youth@Work (Y@W) successfully completed two weeks of innovation training at Docus Kukum Hall.

The training, organised by Y@W’s Young Entrepreneurship Component (YEC), seeks to motivate young people to develop and exploit new ideas and greener small-scale businesses as part of the programme’s contribution to improving young people’s economic prospects.

The innovation training begun by introducing the simple concept of social entrepreneurship, followed by a field trip out into their communities to identify social and environmental problems which they could turn into business solutions.

Youth learned and applied the “design thinking method”, one of many innovative tools, and built prototypes of their innovative business ideas.

John Masioru and Mary Alatome, two youth participants shared their experiences with Y@W Communications team; “During our field trip we observed that our community is littered with rubbish.

“So we identified proper waste disposal and management to be our business idea.

“We constructed a waste disposal system with different compartments to store and separate degradable from undegradable wastes. The easy removal system allows us to take out the organic wastes for garden composts,” said John as they creatively build their models.

Trainer and innovative consultant, Mr Greg Poloso, explained that; “Prototyping doesn’t mean models have to be perfect.”

Their prototypes are then subjected to group analysis and the feedbacks were used to improve the designs.

“Failure creates opportunity for new solutions,” Mr Poloso pointed out.

After the innovation training, youth will further undergo four weeks of ILO certified business training where they will build their new business plans and access start-up materials and further mentoring opportunities from Y@W programme.

This batch also underwent a peace building training which will enable them become active peacebuilders in their communities.

With their new businesses youths will be able to create a better future for them and their families.

Financial support is provided by UN Peace Building Fund, through UNDP and UN Women Solomon Islands.


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