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Bad weather warning for Western Province

PEOPLE of the Western Province have been advised to take extra precautionary measures and remain alert in light of the current bad weather affecting the Country.

Solomon Islands Meteorological Service when contacted yesterday said the public must take extra care as a general easterly trade wind flow persists over the Solomon Islands.

A spokesperson from the division said that people must take extra precaution when traveling out at sea, seeing that a lot of movement will happen as a result of the continuous wet weather currently experienced as referred to in its Strong Wind warning.

“All heavy rain alerts are now upgraded to Heavy Rain Warning. A Heavy Rain Warning is enforced for all Provinces”.

He explained that the associated heavy rain is expected to affect the Solomon Islands for the next 24 hours.

Therefore, Heavy Rain may lead to flash flooding or flooding over communities living close to large rivers, streams and low lying areas.

He also advised the general public to use extreme caution when travelling in sea and look for safe places and think safety first before travelling to other Islands.

“Do not attempt to cross rivers and large streams of unknown depth.”

“I would like to advise the general public to take precautionary measures because of flooding that will pose danger to lives and properties,” he added.

He said the continuous heavy rain fall across parts of the country can cause inconvenience to life of people.