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Monday, June 19th, 2017


WWF acknowledges Coral Triangle participants

GIZO based WWF field Project Coordinator, Salome Topo has thanked NGO’s and government stakeholders for successfully celebrating World Coral Triangle Day in Gizo Western Province. Mrs Topo thanked participants including students and NGO’s who have contributed a lot and shared effective ideas during the Coral Triangle Day celebration at the MSG building last week. “We cannot do everything on our own but we need you’re helping hand through supporting the work of WWF to look after our environment in the country and province as well. “I would like to thankRead More

Alcohol abuse

HIS Excellency the Governor General, Sir Frank Ofagioro Kabui, spoke at the Queen’s Birthday celebration this last weekend when he said more should be done to educate the country on the dangers of alcohol abuse. His Excellency cited in particular the undesirable social effects of alcohol consumption and revealed records had indicated 81.5 percent of the Solomon Islands population drunk alcohol. Last year alone, he said, the total number of liquor licenses in Honiara was 158. Sir Frank highlighted that alcohol abuse in the country was responsible for countless negativeRead More

Boating tragedy

I offer my sincere condolences to the families, friends and people of Uhu Village in West Are’Are, Malaita and Marau following the tragic deaths of five young people lost in an incident at sea when their boat reportedly capsized in rough seas last week. I very much hope the eleven young people still reported missing will be found safe as efforts to find them continue. Yours sincerely Frank Short  

Farmers fear endless wet weather

CONTINUES wet weather currently affecting the province is now taking its toll on farmers living around Vella La Vella Island. A concerned Community elder, Stanly Lilo told Island Sun from his Village at Sambora that most farmers will suffer if the current weather continues unabated. He said the bad weather will destroy their food gardens if it goes on for another week and other neighboring villager are fearing for their food garden, especially for those close to river banks. He also called on villagers to take extra care when travelingRead More

New National Referral Hospital site identified

THE National Referral Hospital will be relocated to Gilbert Camp in East Honiara from its current Number Nine location in Central Honiara. The new site is on higher grounds while its current location is on the shoreline and is prone to natural disasters. The Ministry of Health and Medical Services has yet to announce when work on building the new National Referral Hospital will start. But the Ministry in a paid advertisement in the two daily newspapers says the new National Referral Hospital will be built near the Japanese Monument,Read More

Mala Premier angered by slow response to boat tragedy

PREMIER of Malaita Province, Peter Ramohia has lashed out at the slow response of the country’s search and rescue unit following the boat tragedy that claimed lives between the seas of Malaita and Guadalcanal Provinces last week. About Five dead bodies have been recovered off the coast of Marau, with 11 still missing when the boat travelling from West Areáre enroute to Marau met its fate. Ramohia said on Wednesday when the incident happened he received a message that one of the boats was missing and he called the searchRead More

Bad weather warning for Western Province

PEOPLE of the Western Province have been advised to take extra precautionary measures and remain alert in light of the current bad weather affecting the Country. Solomon Islands Meteorological Service when contacted yesterday said the public must take extra care as a general easterly trade wind flow persists over the Solomon Islands. A spokesperson from the division said that people must take extra precaution when traveling out at sea, seeing that a lot of movement will happen as a result of the continuous wet weather currently experienced as referred toRead More

Drivers for both land and sea warned to take precaution

BOTH sea and land commuters in the Western Province are warned to take extra precaution under such rainy weather currently occurring in the province and country. This is according to the Western Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Chief Superintendant Mathias Lenialu. “Sea boat drivers must always have their travelling jackets, compasses and all marine equipments set before they are to travel if they have to,” said the PPC. “For vehicle drivers, please limit the speed due to slippery conditions experienced on the roads in order to avoid accidents,” he said. TheRead More

More female interest in music industry

FEMALE empowerment in the music industry is rising in the Solomon Islands as reflected in the annual Solo Icon event this year. The Solo Icon this year engaged 20 young female contestants out 16 male contestants from total of 36 who made to second stage of elimination round. Two contestants are returning ones from last year with one a female and one male. It seems that females interested in the music industry is rising in the Solomon Islands compared to previous ones, with the Solo Icon providing them with theRead More

‘02’ in Solomon Islands climbing

POLYGAMY in Solomon Islands is relatively high with six percent of women reporting their husbands having more than one wife from a survey carried out in urban and rural areas. The Solomon Islands Demographic and Health Survey (SIDHS) 2006—2007 report shows that women aged 15—29 reported their husband as having more than one wives besides themselves. The findings were basically done according to background characteristics at the time the survey was carried-out in urban and rural area across Solomon Islands. The background characteristics were done according to age, residence, region,Read More