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RAMSI exit too early: Weathercoast chief

CHIEF Allan Sarevo, a man from Horabau in the Weathercoast of Guadalcanal, said the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) has done an incomplete job, and its exit of the country is too early.

Mr Sarevo, despite appreciating and thankful of RAMSI for reinstating peace and normalcy in the country, said the people of south Guadalcanal, especially those who suffered under the barrel of the gun during the crises, have no trust in the government.

“I do thank RAMSI to restore law and order in the country, but the root cause of the conflict is yet to be addressed. The bonafide demands of the people of Guadalcanal are swept under carpet.

“Those of us that suffered from when the patrol boat which was deliberately sent by the government and bombarded us like animals have never been rehabilitated. Although the government has completed the ‘Solovisu’ [a ceremony which symbolises a calling back], from our culture there are still two parts of the ceremony remain.

“We do not trust our government because they destroyed our homes, and some of our loved ones died during the shooting at weather coast.”

He said the people of the weather coast are fear now that the local police are armed with firearms.

“We cannot forget what we have faced, at Horabau the Patrol boat fired continuously at us for about one hour and 15 minutes, but God saved us.”

He wants RAMSI to address this before it departs from the Solomon Islands.

Chief Sarevo said this is the rights of the people of the Weathercoast, and he can stand in the court of law to defend that.

“The shooting by patrol boat in South Guadalcanal affected us differently, some of our people are left traumatised, some have gone sick and died, and it has also affected new born babies.

“We want RAMSI to address this before it leaves the country,” Said Chief Sarevo.