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CIP disqualifies on PCDF funding

Fate lies on JOC meeting as Executive Government makes re-appeal….



CENTRAL Islands Province (CIP) has been disqualified from the 2017-18 PCDF Funding.

According to the CIP Premier Hon Patrick Vasuni, the fate of the province now lies on their re-appeal to the Joint Oversight Committee (JOC).

The former CIP Provincial Executive Government during under the leadership of former ousted Premier Hon Selwyn Mapuli had breached Law 2 of the PCDF Minimal Conditions Procedures under the Public Service General Orders.

Under Law 2 of the Minimal Conditions, an Officer under a Provincial Government if having allegations against should be dealt with according to procedures by waiting for their clarifications as well before actions may be taken.

When under the former Premier’s leadership, this was not the case, the former Provincial PS Mr James Taeburi during then who had allegations against him was only automatically told to leave the Office.

CIP current Premier Hon Patrick Vasuni when speaking to Island Sun Gizo yesterday strongly expressed his disappointment that the situation then should had only be simply dealt with on following the right procedures on how to deal with a government core Officer.

“For any province to enjoy the PCDF Funding, they must comply with the minimal conditions,” said the Premier.

“If the re-appeal is not approved by JOC then more than 20 projects for the whole province of Ngella, Russell and Savo will be closed and this is because of past bad decisions done by the former Executive Government which is sad.”

Projects currently along the pipeline that the PCDF Funding should go for according to the Premier are new school classroom buildings, clinics, bridges and Staff houses to name a few.

“Unless we get the PCDF Funding before we will be eligible to complete these projects, otherwise, they will only be held for another year,” said Hon Vasuni.

This week on Tuesday and Wednesday (yesterday), the Joint Oversight Committee (JOC) Comprising of Secretaries and Stakeholders of the National Government were in Tulaghi to consider the assessments of all the provinces.

As they were in the province, the CIP Premier and his Executive Government took the opportunity for the re-appeal on which the meeting and result of it should have already been disclosed by yesterday evening.

Missing out on the 2017-18 PCDF Funding means that CIP will be missing 6 Million dollars on which it will be shared to topple other provinces PCDF Funding who are qualified.