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Outcry over fishy distribution of lock-up shops

THE process of allocating lock-up shops in the central market is under fire over allegations of nepotism and biased selection.

It is claimed that over the last 10 years the system has been influenced by the councillors and Honiara City Council employees.

A source familiar with the issue said, “This is very serious and it seems those involved had stepped out of the boundary of what they had mandated to do.

“According to HCC act 1999, HCC employee or councillor should not engage with the business as stipulated by the act.”

The source maintains that the practice has been going on for the last 10 years unchecked by the HCC management.

“Same people still hold on to lock-up shops because of such dirty dealings between both parties.

“There are few lock-up shops been owned by councillors as well some either sold or transfer to their family members or wantoks,” the source said.

The source appeals to the HCC to be fair to the public and not serve merely their cronies.

The source said this is a conflict of interest and abuse of power and office and it needs to be stopped

Meanwhile, it was recently reported via media that a man was shadowed by a member of the tender board with the promise of a lock-up shop.

The victim gave a sum of $15,000 to the person and nothing happened.

The source also calls for an investigation to be carried out in these odd dealings.

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