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A personal message for the Solomon Islands

DEAR EDITOR, the two day National Dialogue on Sustaining Peace and Stability in Solomon Islands which opened on Monday in Honiara and is set to conclude today, Tuesday, brought together a collaborative effort by the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace and Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs and with support from the UN Peacebuilding Fund (UNPBF) project.

The dialogue was also attended by Members of Parliament, Provincial Premiers, Women, Youth and Community Leaders and international stakeholders as observers.

It was the aim of the National Dialogue to present an opportunity for recommendations remerging from past dialogues, as well as studies commissioned to date, to allow stakeholders to come together to discuss solutions to developmental, social cultural, economic and governance challenges facing the country.

The Dialogue also provided an overview of the country’s path over the past decade towards peace and stability.

It is expected that following the dialogue, a communiqué will feature the commitments towards the implementation of some of the recommendations for sustaining peace and addressing development challenges by leaders and participants.

With the imminent departure of RAMSI after 14 years it could be said the Solomon Islands is at a critical stage in its history, a time when the people must choose its own future again.

As a strong Christian community, I believe the answer lies in the simple truth of humanity.

Each and every one needs to be part of the solution by taking one’s own personal action because the Solomon Islands can only change when people change themselves.

If everyone does his or her part, together, the country can accomplish the common dream which is a better and peaceful place in which all can live in peace and harmony and casting aside past differences in a true and lasting spirit of national reconciliation.

The teachings of the Christian Church provide us with the universal principles of life and a moral attitude to be guided by.

Our world is continuously changing, and in this changing world one can’t remain as we are, nor can we go back to conditions that are now behind us.

We can only move forward, but not on the same path which led to conflict, violence, discrimination, disrespect, hate and all the other negative elements.

All should progress towards harmony and cooperation in livable communities, and with a value system that nourishes and sustains every person and all things that live in the country blessed to be a paradise in the Pacific Ocean.

Solomon Islanders should recognize that in the midst of a magnificent diversity of cultures and ethnicities all are part of one human family with a common destiny.

The Scripture says, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Herein lies my message for the Solomon Islands and comes with a wish for peaceful co-existence, stability and economic progress, freedom from despair, from darkness of the past to light, living for the sake of others and free from revenge and practicing forgiveness.

Yours sincerely


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