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Opposition query OPMC on Malaita projects

THE Parliamentary Opposition Group has urged the Government to inform the nation on the current status of the major projects in Malaita Province.

The Opposition Group in a statement yesterday said it had been three years, yet there are no concrete information regarding the progress of these projects.

“The Opposition believes the Government particularly the Office of the Prime Minister & Cabinet (OPMC) have a responsibility to explain to our citizens especially the people of Malaita on the current status of these projects,” it said.

The Opposition said projects in Malaita were highlighted as one of the hallmarks of the DCCG policy but lack of political will; prioritisation and commitment have proved all these promises as a major disappointment.

The Opposition Group would like the Government to inform the people on the following projects:

  • Auluta Palm Oil Project
  • Waisisi Palm Oil Project
  • Bina Harbor Industrial Township Project
  • Suava Tuna Canning Project
  • Wairokai International sea port
  • Auki Road Project
  • Rehabilitation for North Road, East and South Roads
  • Bridge replacements for North, East and South Malaita
  • Hauhui-Wairaha Road in South Malaita and access roads to Bina, Suava, Kadabina and Afio
  • 5 wharves for identified locations in Malaita
  • Busurata-Okwala Road rehabilitation
  • Three (3) South Malaita Bridge extensions

The Parliamentary Opposition Group said these are some of the projects which the Government assured the nation that it was on the priority list and ready to roll out according to a Government statement issued back on August 18, 2015.

“It is only right that the Government update us on the progress and status of each project,” it said.


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