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Conservation awareness programme reach Masupa CHS

Students of Masupa Christian CHS with their staff and the team taking a group photo after the awareness programme in the school

THE Taka Taka Eco-Village Conservation Foundation reached out to Masupa Christian CHS with its conservation awareness programme.

The team last week held talks with the staffs and students of the school on the importance of conservation.

Founder and Coordinator of Taka-Taka Eco-Village Conservation Foundation (TEVCF), Mr Andrew Taraha stressed that it’s vital for children to learn about conservation.

He pointed out that the beginning of everything is when people are young, and it’s important that students learn how to conserve or protect their bio-diversity at a young age.

“This is so that when they grew up, they have the knowledge of conserving the natural resources around them,” Mr Taraha said.

Chairman of Wai-Hau Conservation Foundation, Mr Max Totorea emphasised the same, saying there is a need for students to teach with knowledge and skills on how to look after their environment.

He said this is an area the responsible government ministries as well as other responsible organisations should try to look into and do something about.

Mr Totorea said this is a way of establishing a wider approach on advocating for conservation in the country.

Adding that by doing that it will help the young generations take that as part of their lives and be responsible for the environment.

On the same note, the school principal of Masupa CHS expressed his gratitude for the programme in his school.

He said despite the little time spent with this staffs and students it taught them a lot with new ideas they need to know about protecting their natural resources.

However, the tribal conservation awareness programme was initiated by TEVCF for the areas within Taka-Taka region and facilitated by Wai-Hau, Environment Division and TEVCF.

The programme was financially supported by Global Green Grant.

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