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Cardone calls for responsible drinking

CATHOLIC Archbishop Chris Cardone has called on the good people of Manivovo Parish to drink responsibly in the Communities.

The Church leader made the call to the Communities in his homily during his recent Pastoral visit to Communities under Manivovo Parish in the Makira Ulawa province.

He said drink responsibly means drinking three beers and not more.

“Drink responsibly means drinking not more than three cans of beer. “By doing so you are not drink responsibly and sometimes will cause family violence in the Communities and not only that but also ruin your money which is to keep yourself and your families to survive at home,” he said

He also added that it is better to build up a billboard with welcoming message at the Community entrances to give smile and a homely feeling to visitors when they enter the villages rather than promoting Solbrew in the Communities.

He continued by urging people who used to consume alcohol to respect each other in their respective Communities.