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$1.89m allocated under Western premier’s office

WESTERN Province Premier’s Office, which is being allocated $1.89 million, ranks third in the recurrent budget of Western province, according to the province’s minister for Finance, Lester Saomasi.

Mr Saomasi was referring to the 2016/17 budget under the Premier’s Office allocation.

In his tough stand against unnecessary spending by the province during last week’s Assembly meeting, Mr Saomasi said this office has never at any time over the past seven years executed its functions below its budget allocation.

Hon Saomasi said the Premier’s Office through the Provincial Executive is expected to oversee the day to day operation of the province and its financial woes had worsened following few political volatile situations encountered over the past twelve months.

“I had hoped and wish for some improvement in the executive meeting subhead.

“But to date it has not being the case and certain accommodation and traveling coast could have been curtailed had ministers adhere to advices tendered.

“This is where price tag of Politics pops up whist sheer ignorance by others also contributed to these budgets overrun,” said Saomasi.

Meanwhile, he said Finance and Treasury is the next with $1.41 million dollar an important division which ensures funds are made available as appropriate.

Death servicing stands out as a priority area along with revenue collection costs, necessary to ensure that the provincial cash flow capacity remains solvent.

He said Education, State, Transport and the planning division are all allocated with funds above the $1m threshold.

He added that definitely reflect the importance this government places on activities performed and delivered by these divisions although their bids were not satisfactorily addressed.

He further stated that other divisions have their own merits in terms of allocation and performances.

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