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Young man missing, search continues

A young man from Malaita has been reported missing from the Loimuni village of Choisuel, and is said to be a month since he was last seen.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) for Choiseul Province Superintendent Cedar Nevol said they are now sending out a message for the whole of the province to watch out for the young man’s whereabouts as they have already tried searching for him with no luck.

According to Nerio Ulemiki, the media coordinator for Christ the King parish at Voruvoru reporting, the victim was said to be visiting the son of his relative there.

The cause for his disappearance is still unknown.

“Sources have said that he has appeared at various places where certain people have talked and tried to persuade him to follow them but he only refused and went his own way,” said Mr Ulemiki.

“A call is now made from Ogho Village for the whole of Northwest Choiseul to search for the young man and return him to Ogho where he is residing.”