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What the Govt is pushing towards

THE Democratic Coalition for Change Government outlined, as a political entity that the Government believes and is pushing towards.

This is according to the Government’s Policy document.

A detailed activity-based action items with performance indicators is a separate document known as the ‘Democratic Coalition for Change Translation and Implementation Action Plan’ by Permanent Secretaries of Technical Government Ministries.

It contains details of the policy statement.

The DCC Government believes that, “Return   of   ownership   of   Solomon   Islands     to   its people   is   inevitable.

“This is not to say that we have sold our country to foreigners but taking the path of ‘business as usual’ will leave us vulnerable in our own lands if no proactive steps are taken now.

“In order to guarantee this ownership, the implementation of this Policy Statement is absolutely necessary.

“The National Constitution of Solomon Islands needs to be amended to reflect the true meaning and intention of ownership, that is to say that Federal System of Government has been the cry of the people.

“Taking control of our resources means that the state institution must be supported by resource owners. Support will come readily if out‐dated   legislation are modernized and poor policies are revised.

“Solomon Islands will become a more inclusive society through the reforms of this Policy Statement.

“Our country will become a Peaceful, United and Progressive Country of Solomon Islands,” the Policy Statement says.