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DCCG’s long-term development strategy outlined

THE Democratic Coalition for Change Government’s (DCCG) approach to a long term development strategy is the development of the twenty (20) year National Development Strategy (NDS) 2015-2035.

This is according to the Government’s Policy Document.

The NDS provides development targets for each sector and facilitates fundamental and sectoral reform programmes.

The long term strategy will also facilitate good governance and encourage broad-based economic development that will enhance improved livelihood for all Solomon Islanders.

This twenty year National Development Strategy is administered by the Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination as will address four (4) major mental phases.

Rediscovery The five(5) years is a period of discovery. Rediscovery will lay the foundations of long-term recovery and reform.
Consolidation The second five(5) years is a period of consolidation. Reform programmes in the rediscovery phase will be consolidated.
Expansion The third five (5) years is a period of expansion. This phase will concentrate on building and improving on achievements of reform programmes
Innovation The final five(5) years is a period of innovation. In this phase innovative ideas will flow to roll this twenty year National Development Strategy into the next twenty years.


According to the DCC Government Policy document, it believes that this long-term development strategy will lead to sustainable development and equitable economic growth, enlarging investment opportunities for all Solomon Islanders, availing of rural and customary land for commercial and agricultural development, prevention and alleviation of poverty and hunger and ensuring environmental sustainability and ownership.

It also adds to make provisions for adequate, accessible and quality social services, infrastructure and utilities for Solomon Islanders

The Policy document then further adds that the DCC Government also believes that absence and non-implementation of these long-term development strategies is the country’s major drawback in the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

“By the same token it can be interfered that without a long-term development strategy, Solomon Islands will not achieve the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

“Learning from the past, the DCC Government aspires to fight for tangible changes by rediscovering, consolidating, expanding and innovating our platforms for development to attain our MDG’s and SDG’s in the long run,” the Policy document states.