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Maepio thanks provincial disaster committee members

THE Western provincial premier Hon Wayne Maepio has thanked members of the Provincial Disaster Committee for quickly responding to the emergency call on Sunday’s 8.0 magnitude earthquake.

Hon Maepio received initial reports from Shortlands through Hon Brisbane Amatore that the quake had caused few damages to homes and tanks etc.

Therefore, Maepio called for an immediate dispatch of an assessment team to Shortland Islands, which he is well prepared to be part of.

However, Maepio relayed disappointments by Hon Brisbane regarding the behaviour of officers who conducted the assessment, being under the influence of liquor and other allegations of not considering the victims of the disaster.

He deplores such attitude and behaviour, saying that this is the final warning.

He also calls on the committee to immediately report on the status of the assessment report to the PDC.

“Final assessment report is being compiled but required costing of the impacts to be done by the technical officers who are part of the assessment team.

“We need more disaster reports must be swiftly addressed as lives are involved,” said Maepio.

He further reiterated that the committee is not taking over anybody’s responsibilities but serving the interest of the people of Western Province.

Meanwhile, Deputy Premier Hon Maloni Lopoto calls on offices to diligently perform duties to promptly address and respond appropriately to the assessment report.

Lopoto said that on Monday the Executive meet with treasury to determine funds and recourses and the PDC/PDOC meeting have already determined team composition, logistical need and travel date to carry out the assessment programme.

Lopoto said the PDC are working closely with Gizo police, Shortlands police posts and members of the community to identify damages so the team can assess the site properly.

He said the members of PDC and NGOs have come out with the final report on Wednesday and they all confirmed and the sites damaged.

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