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AMA University arrangement must be reviewed: Opposition

THE Parliamentary Opposition Group has called on the Government to seriously review all arrangements in sending our students to AMA Computer University in Philippines for studies.

In a statement yesterday, the Opposition Group said information received by its office pointed out that the cost of sending students there is not only costly but the quality of education provided is highly questionable.

“We have received information from informants in Philippines that multinational highly technical IT Firms in Philippines regard AMA as one of the least Universities in the country because of the lack of quality education it provides,” the Opposition Office stated.

The Opposition Office statement also stated that reports reaching its office also pointed out that AMA is a Private, For-Profit Education; reportedly operating as a private business.

“Traditional Colleges or Universities are usually Non-Profit. Non-profit in the sense that most of the income generated by the institution are re-invested back into the school. They hire the best professors to teach in the institution. The limited exclusivity of accepting only the best students means they could keep their standards high. This is not the case with AMA University; the university basically accepts anyone that can pay its fees and not necessarily if you have good grades,” the Opposition was told.

Therefore, the Opposition has called on the Government to look for other alternative universities to send our students.

“We want to have a core of professional graduates in the field of computing that can bring back the required knowledge and skill to help our country. We want to spend money on quality education,” it said.

The Opposition was also informed that AMA is currently ranked 35th out of about 200 Universities and colleges in Philippines; with universities ranked below 10 described as ‘lacking quality education’.

“These are information’s that will help the Government to seriously review the current arrangement and find out whether it is truly a university that provides quality education that is value for money,” it said.


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