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WWF acknowledges Coral Triangle participants

Theresah Leishe of Titiana Community High School receiving her second place prize from the Hon Christian Mesepitu during the prize presentation at the MSG building last week.

GIZO based WWF field Project Coordinator, Salome Topo has thanked NGO’s and government stakeholders for successfully celebrating World Coral Triangle Day in Gizo Western Province.

Mrs Topo thanked participants including students and NGO’s who have contributed a lot and shared effective ideas during the Coral Triangle Day celebration at the MSG building last week.

“We cannot do everything on our own but we need you’re helping hand through supporting the work of WWF to look after our environment in the country and province as well.

“I would like to thank all my hardworking officers who contributed a lot for successfully celebrating this Coral Triangle Day, she added.

“This marks a remarkable event for all those six countries identified under the Coral Triangle initiative who are now celebrating this event with a very powerful theme ‘No Place for plastic’ in the ocean,”Mrs Topo said.

Mrs Topo therefore encourages people of Western Province to look after their marine biodiversity and environment as Western Province has spectacular landscapes and natural riches in the coral triangle.

WWF and stakeholders presenting their song with a title ‘No place for Plastics’.

Meanwhile, Mrs Topo thanked Secondary Schools who participated during the Inter-school speech competition with a topic on ‘Gizo Town is No place for plastic bags’ and why this is a right step for our future?

Students from Kukudu Adventist College, Gizo Community High School and Titiana Community High School participated in the inter-school speech competition.

They also discussed creative innovative alternatives to plastic bags in their speech competition.

They also were given questions and answers sessions between their speeches. This year’s Coral Triangle Speech competition winner is Hubert Devesi of Kukudu Adventist College with $1000 cash, Second place went to Theresah Leiseh of Titiana Community High School with $700 dollars, Alex Makini of Gizo Community High School with $500 and Alex Kasoa of Gizo Community High School grabbed the fourth place with $300 dollars.

Lucas Arofa of Kukudu Adventist College was presented with a consolation prize of $200 dollars.

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