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Tuesday, May 30th, 2017


Slow progress on women empowerment: A regional issue

LAST week the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs (MWYCFA) launched their three key gender policies at the Coral Sea Hotel. Minster of WYCFA, Hon Freda AB Tuki Soriacomua delivered her speech prior to the launching of the new WPSNAP (Women Peace, Security National Action Plan) and revised GEWD (Gender Equality and Women’s Development) and EVAWG (Eliminating Violence against Women and Girls) policies. She said that the attendance of all partners at the event is the result of a collective partnership between the government, the private sector, civilRead More

More cattle expected for Marovo Lagoon

AROUND 200 cattle are expected to arrive soon in Marovo Lagoon, at Cuba. This should complete the proposed 400 heads for the project. According to Mr John Kepas, the Principal Agriculture Field Officer in Gizo Town, a cattle shipment taken to Marovo Lagoon from Honiara last year only contained about 200 cattle in which the real total amount of cattle’s that should have been brought there was 400. “So it is this time around the total number of cattle’s to complete the number will be brought in from Fiji,” saidRead More

University of Goroka plans to review agreement

THE University of Goroka (UOG) is proposing to review the agreement signed with the Solomon Islands Government through the Ministry of Education and Human Resources. The University made this statement during a press conference held between the high delegation of the University and the Media last week. Chancellor of the University Professor Joseph Sukwianomb said University of Goroka has a lot to offer and that the existing Agreement between the University of Goroka and Solomon Islands needs to be reviewed to accommodate other important interventions that would see improvement andRead More

Security is a key to WP’s tourism development

IN order for tourism to be developed effectively in Western Province, peace must be balanced as well, said the province Acting Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Vincent Eria. He said it is up to the province to come up strong in terms of peace because in order for its tourism boost to develop smoothly, security is its backbone as well. “When peace and harmony prevail and we can control our security, tourism can be well developed in the province,” said the Acting PPC. Yesterday during explaining the importance of the CrimeRead More

Isabel Second Appointed Day celebration set to roll

ORGANISERS of 2017 Isabel Second Appointed Day Celebration has finalised the programme to mark the day Isabel became a province. This year’s Isabel Second Appointed Day celebration is organised by Isabel Province Youths Forum (IPYF) with the theme: “reviving our true spirit of oneness and togetherness to build a better Isabel”. The Facebook forum page is an active avenue that provides digital space for Isabel Youths to interact and discuss issues affecting youths in Isabel province. On Sunday, IPYF sub-committee members met to review, deliberate and finalise the final programmeRead More

Culture and art workshop underway in Honiara

A consultation workshop is currently organised by the Culture Division of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the cultural groups and individual artists at the National Archives conference room. It is a two-day workshop which commenced yesterday, and will end today, May 30, 2017. The workshop is mainly awareness and consultation workshop organised for the cultural association leaders, cultural group leaders and individual artists. There are about 30 participants who are representing various cultural groups, cultural associations and individual artists have attended the workshops. The participants represent various culturalRead More

Culture Division to improve partnership with Cultural groups and artists

THE CULTURE Division within the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is facilitating a workshop for cultural groups and individual artist in effort to forge greater partnership. A two days’ workshop which began yesterday and will end today brought together thirty participants to be part of the discussions. The participants comes from various cultural groups, cultural associations and individual artists most of who are musician, carvers, weavers, panpipers, cultural dancing groups and painters. Director of Culture Division Mr Dennis Marita said the aims of the workshop is to inform the participantsRead More

Would sustainable economic development coupled with tourism be a better alternative for Temotu province?

DEAR EDITOR, Radio New Zealand International (RNZI) carried a story, Thursday, May 25, 2017, which highlighted how communities in Temotu Province could greatly benefit from preserving their environment rather than through logging and mining. This is the news slot that caught my eye and I quote. “An environmental NGO says communities in Solomon Islands’ Temotu province can earn more from preserving their environment than through logging or mining. “OceansWatch has been raising awareness in the remote province about potential impacts from bauxite mining and logging developments currently afoot. “The TemotuRead More

UN Peacekeepers medal awards

DEAR EDITOR, the news that five members of the RSIPF deployed as part of the United Nations & African Hybrid Mission (UNAMID) as Peacekeepers have recently been awarded the UN Peacekeepers Medal reflects great credit on the individual policemen but also reflects more widely on the Solomon Islands contribution to the UN Mission. The protection of civilians is at the centre of the mission’s mandate, with the mission called upon to contribute to the protection of civilian populations under imminent threat of physical violence and prevent attacks against civilians, withinRead More

Clarification and simplification of the MOHMS aims

DEAR EDITOR, as a volunteer English teacher for many years in Thailand I always practised being as concise and succinct as possible when teaching. I had many occasions to communicate some technical information to non-specific audiences and always asked myself whether every single word was necessary and whether it would be understood by students. Today, I read the article in the SUN newspaper regarding the address given to the World Health Assembly in Geneva by the Solomon Islands Minister of Health Services by Dr Kaitu’u Agikimua in respect of theRead More