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Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017


Households in West spend small income investment

HOUSEHOLDS in the Western Province spend a very small proportion of their income in investments and more in consumption. According to the Western Provincial government 3-year development plan 2017-2019 the investment spending which includes purchasing of land, constructing or upgrading house, or buying facilities or equipment for personal business is only 1.8 percent of the income earned. This is expressively very low compared to other provinces consumptions spending such as food and beverages, housing, transportation, alcoholic beverages and communication which are at 93.1 percent.

Women complete training on savings and budgeting

  TWENTY-TWO women from the Honiara Market Venders Association completed training on Savings and budgeting at All Saints yesterday. The training was organised by the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) in partnership UN Women Solomon Islands, aimed at economically empowering venders and supporting them to access financial services. The training was facilitated by BSP agent network officers, Mr Brian Nai and Alva Boso, under BSP Branchless Banking. UN Volunteer-Market for Change Project’s Mr John Junior Nuu said the training conducted is a continuation from where the project had left lastRead More

Alleged ruthless tactics by Samlimsan Logging Company tantamount to an abuse of human rights

SAMLIMSAN Logging Company has allegedly forcibly evicted hundreds of homeowners without any thought for their plight o proper relocation from 10-acres of land the company is said to own at Henderson in East Honiara. It is claimed SAMLIMSAN had agreed to work with the people and to allow them to vacate the land before moving in with their heavy logging equipment. It is alleged that such an undertaking was not honoured by SAMLIMSAN. Ruthless tactics used by developers to force people off the land is common in China and hasRead More

Midwife roles important: Midwife society president

PRESIDENT of Solomon Islands Midwife society Ms Jessie Larui speaks highly of the work of midwives. Ms Larui said that every 5th May the international midwives day is celebrated around the world. In this regard, she said that the purpose of celebrating this day in the country is to look at the hard work of midwives and to commemorate them in their roles of saving children and mothers. On this note, Ms Larui stated that maternal mortality and infant mortality is still an issue that calls for improvement. She addedRead More

Honour the work of Midwives

THE International Day of Midwife will be celebrated on May 5 with the theme “Midwives Mothers and Families: Partners for life”. The event will accommodate midwives from the national referral hospital, HCC (Honiara City Council), Guadalcanal and Central islands provinces. Midwives are specialised health care professionals who are responsible in offering care to child bearing women during the stages of labour, birth and after birth. They also help nurture newborns and assist the mother with breastfeeding. In relation, they provide several services such as family planning, adolescent health, sexual andRead More

Mal extension senior staff conference starts

THE Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) senior extension staff conference began in Honiara on Monday with the theme “Strengthening Extension Services Delivery with Strategic Pathways in Advancement of Agriculture Development in the Solomon Islands”. It was officially opened by the Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Hon Dudley Kopu. “This theme reflects the various approaches and methodologies, be it innovative or otherwise that must be employed to facilitate agriculture extension services delivery. “I believe during the course of this week, some of these strategic approaches will be discussed. “It isRead More

MAL sets focus on food security and livelihood

AGRICULTURE Ministry will be focusing its major development programmes on food security and livelihood this year. Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) Director of Extension Service, Mr Michael Ho’ota, highlights in the ministry’s five-day workshop that food security and livelihood is the ministry’s major focal point. He said they will implement developments through its departments as well as conducting capacity trainings to boost human resource development. “These two programmes are developed to ensure food security and livelihood is improved through support to the project that is sustainable, and able toRead More

Buala hospital staff encouter greater emotional

DEAR EDITOR, we the Buala Hospital staff here in with great emotions to convey our cries following hearing the decision made by the MHMS to post our Registrar to Lata Hospital without addressing our problems. The problems affecting the Hospital were of multi factorial in nature and most notably were failures of the admin resulting in degrading the clinical output of the health services. It has been a while, the hospital was clinically handicapped before it rescued when our Registrar joined the team last year and through his clinical dutiesRead More

Guadalcanal Province on forced removal of informal settlers

THERE are different terms used in describing settlers on the periphery of Honiara, illegal, squatter, slums, shanty settlers etc. The Guadalcanal Provincial Government is very careful in using such terms to describe its people of Guadalcanal, thus the term unregulated and or informal is most reasonable. Further the use of the term “indigenous victims” or playing the “victim card” is also a very sensitive jargon. The sensational use of such terms have conditioning effect on how we perceived and analyze such sensitive issues to find meaningful solutions. Who are theRead More

Short bus routes

DEAR EDITOR, as a concerned citizen of my beloved country, I would really appreciate if you could spare a space in your column to stress my views on short bus routes in Honiara. Short bus routes is an ongoing issue that has been raised for the past few years where not only students are affected by but also the working population. Whilst the services provided by bus owners in transporting people is highly appreciated, we can’t see past the fact that catching a bus from KG to Point Cruz willRead More