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Alleged ruthless tactics by Samlimsan Logging Company tantamount to an abuse of human rights

SAMLIMSAN Logging Company has allegedly forcibly evicted hundreds of homeowners without any thought for their plight o proper relocation from 10-acres of land the company is said to own at Henderson in East Honiara.

It is claimed SAMLIMSAN had agreed to work with the people and to allow them to vacate the land before moving in with their heavy logging equipment.

It is alleged that such an undertaking was not honoured by SAMLIMSAN.

Ruthless tactics used by developers to force people off the land is common in China and has no place in the Solomon Islands.

If SAMLIMSAN’s forced removal of people off the land has been unlawfully undertaken then the allegations should be referred to Amnesty International for immediate investigation.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short