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Midwife roles important: Midwife society president

President of Solomon Island Midwifery Society, Ms Jessie Larui delivering her speech during the marking of the
Midwive International Day…ISUN file photo

PRESIDENT of Solomon Islands Midwife society Ms Jessie Larui speaks highly of the work of midwives.

Ms Larui said that every 5th May the international midwives day is celebrated around the world.

In this regard, she said that the purpose of celebrating this day in the country is to look at the hard work of midwives and to commemorate them in their roles of saving children and mothers.

On this note, Ms Larui stated that maternal mortality and infant mortality is still an issue that calls for improvement.

She added that in this case midwives take the leading role of preventing it and thus improving maternal and infant health.

Ms Larui said that it is also a day that midwives will showcase their roles and publicly advocate them so that people know about it and have access to it.

She mentioned that at the moment not many people are aware of the roles of midwives.

Ms Larui said that the three goals of their public display on that important day are; for people to recognise the work of midwives, to advocate their roles so that women have access to it and to call for support from stakeholders.

For the latter reason, she said it is important that stakeholders participate so that the midwife society can be assisted so they can be able to improve the services they provide.

Ms Larui also said that the work of midwives is important in Solomon Islands and that they think their work is not very much supported at the ministry level.

The national midwife society president said that this day will also allow all midwives to come together as a team to talk, look back at their achievements and to discuss their gaps and needs.

She said that on that day midwives will showcase their roles and responsibilities to the public with the inclusion of drama and entertainment.

Therefore Ms Larui on behalf of the midwives calls out to the public to join them on international day of midwives at the HCC grounds opposite the national library.

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