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World Blood Donor Day celebrated

A member of the Freedom Faithnet Global (a group advocating for voluntary blood donation) donating his blood during the marking of the World Blood Donation Day celebration yesterday.

THE World Blood Donor Day was celebrated yesterday in Honiara.

The celebrating theme for this year is “Give Blood, Give Now, Give Often”.

Director of the National Medical Laboratory under the MHMS, Mr Alfred Dofai said it is sad what some families had to endure due to lack of blood.

Saying until then the issue of blood shortage remains a major challenge in ensuring life for patients who need blood.

He said this year’s celebrating theme focusses on emergency preparedness on the global scene.

“But for us it also focusses on daily challenges because daily shortages also resulted in crisis.

“Due to pressure from our growing population, emerging diseases and threat the need for blood increases every year.

“We have had deaths relating to loss of blood during recent disease outbreak. Every day and every night blood is require for our sick patients.

“The increase numbers of NCDs has placed immense burden on our struggle blood supply.

“Hence the theme for this year is relevant to our situation given the double burden of public health verse clinical health,” Mr Dofai said.

He said considering the 2017 celebrating theme, it calls for greater collaboration and partnership amongst key stakeholders and local communities.

Mr Dofai said the MHMS together with its partner SIRC embarked on the Voluntary Non-Remunerated Blood Donation Programme.

“And this has been supported by WHO and other donor partner to ensure a safe and adequate blood supply to be in stock.

“Despite of our long partnership, it is challenging to note that we have not satisfactorily met the demands our hospitals,” he said.

Mr Dofai said last year a total of 3,224 units were donated, a decrease from the previous year.

He said 2,430 (75 percent) donations were from families and relatives and 794 (25 percent) were from volunteers donors.

Adding that from 3,224 donated, 7,000 blood units were requested. This means the shortage is around 3,700 blood units to meet the demand of the hospital.

However, he said the MHMS encouraged volunteer Non Paid Blood Donation that comes direct from the heart, were it is safer, less cost involved and it serves as a reliable base for a strong blood supply.

Mr Dofai said at NRH patient often have to wait for days and weeks before they can be transfused or patients operations were delay due to lack of blood.

Sadly, the unlucky ones perish because no blood available to give them another change of living.

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