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MHMS and SIRC to carry blood donation to new heights

SIRC Blood Donation Volunteers posing for a photo during the World Blood Donor Day yesterday

THE MHMS and SIRC are committed to take voluntary blood donation to new heights within the next four years.

As set in their blood programme, their target is to reach 80 percent, which will be on voluntary basis.

Secretary General of Solomon Islands Red Cross Society, Mr Thomas Bebeu recently said there was a commitment showed between MHMS and SIRC to pursue the target.

In doing so, he said there will be an increase of awareness as part of the commitment to carry-out the blood programme.

“Currently the challenge of people’s refusing to donate blood is they lack of understanding about the programme.

“So what we’ll do now is to carry-out awareness to increase the knowledge of the public on the blood programme.

“We want people to know about donating blood on voluntary basis. So this campaign and awareness is what SIRC will engage on.

“We will go out to the public to inform and educate them about the blood programme as a lead we show towards our targeted commitment,” Mr Bebeu said.

He said based on that commitment, SIRC will try as much as possible within the next four years to reach its 80 percent targeted volunteer donors.

And to make that happen it all depend on the awareness programme. This is the reason the awareness or the campaign is very much needed at this stage, Mr Bebeu said.

However, he said base on the commitment SIRC will work together with the MHMS as they are the mother body the programme directly comes under their jurisdiction.

Mr Bebeu also called upon the members of public to cooperate with the MHMS and SIRC to ensure there is an increase to be placed on the voluntary blood donor programme in the country.

He urged the public to be participative in the programme when it comes and asked to donate blood so it can save life.