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Ship washed ashore threatens marine lives

Koryou Maru wreckage

A vessel washed ashore by heavy winds and huge waves during the recent bad weather is threatening the marine lives in the area on which it sits.

The Koryou Maru, a general cargo boat servicing the country which was used to be a longline vessel, was grounded along the shoreline near the Patrol boat’s port, a small bay leading up to Ports Authority.

Salvaging the ship is considered dangerous at this point because it sits in an awkward position and has a loose footing, which can result in it rolling over uncontrollably if salvaged.

The ship is also seen causing damage to the area, which in no time will affect the marine environment.

The Koryou Maru is the second vessel to be wrecked in that area alone.

There are reports of high probability in oil spill and other damage to marine biodiversity.

Ricky Romano, who is assigned to look after the vessel, said the ship had engine problems and had anchored outside the area the area for four months prior to the bad weather.

He said the ship was owned by a woman from Malaita under the PM Shipping Company; and she is aware of the situation.

The Solomon Islands Maritime Authority when contacted yesterday said they are aware of the sunken ship, and admitted it’s their responsibility.

The agency said they anticipate final reports and information to be collect before addressing the matter relating to clearing the debris and oil spill.

Moreover, they are working on it.

Island Sun is still seeking clarification from the Authority relating to the country’s regulation and penalties regarding the issue.

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