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Pupuku community misses out in Choiseul 2nd Appointed Day celebration

PUPUKU Anglican Community at Northwest Choiseul missed out on invitation for the 2nd Appointed Day celebration of Choiseul Province.

The Pupuku community complains their organising committee and Ward 12 MPA had not informed them of the programmes and activities resulting in them not being invited to take part in the celebration.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Fr Graham Mark, who is the President of Lauru Land Conference of Tribal Community, is not invited as well.

Nerio Ulemiki, the media coordinator for Christ the King parish at Voruvoro Northwest Choiseul, alleges that the Provincial Member for Ward 12 had just arrived at Pupuku Community for a last minute show in covering up failures.

They said the MPA for Ward 12 told them that he will call Fr Graham to attend the 2nd Appointed Day celebration but according to the concerned community, this kind of unofficial invitation is always not recommended, protocol-wise.

Premier of Choiseul Province Hon Jackson Kiloe, the Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening Hon David Tome and the Minister of Culture and Tourism were expected to arrive for the celebration yesterday afternoon.

The province’s national day will be celebrated in Ogho village.

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