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Search continues for missing boy in West

GIZO Operations officers and Ringi Police have stepped up their search for a missing 16-year-old boy who went missing on Friday after an incident at sea.

Acting Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Vincent Eria yesterday called on the general public to help police search for the missing boy who had been involved in a boat collision outside the Kukudu Adventist School on Kolombangara Island on Friday.

PPC Eria said the search continues but police and locals haven’t identified yet the current position of the missing boy.

He said he is aware that there has been no sign of the boy since Friday evening.

He explained that boats were used on Friday night to look for the boy, but they experienced strong currents, therefore communities living around Kolombangara, South Vella la Vella, Choiseul Province and Ranonga are advised to help police to search for the body.

He adds that the boy’s uncle and family are heartbroken over the incident.

“We are yet to confirm the final result of the missing boy and trying to locate the missing body.

“But it depends on weather patterns and flowing of the current situation here in the Province,” said Eria.

This paper understands that a mother of three was killed after two boats collided outside Kukudu School on Kolombangara Island, and Police and locals are still searching for a 16-year-old boy who went missing following the incident.

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