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Makira-Ulawa provincial gov’t overcomes storm

Former Deputy Premier, Hypolite Tarimae and Former Minister of Primary Industry, Hon Matthew Taro reaffirming their commitments to GPCA with Premier Stanley Siapu. Looking on is Fr Dick Fagarigia Rector of Arunito parish

POLITICAL moves to destabilize the Siapu-led government of the People for Change and Advancement (GPCA) in Makira Ulawa Province by Hon Martin Karani is squashed.

Hon Martin Karani and his cohorts tried to topple the Siapu-led government on March 7 by trying to move a motion of no-confidence in the upcoming Provincial Assembly with allegations that the Siapu-led government has been misusing, misappropriating funds and corruption while in office.

The speaker of the Provincial Assembly Mr Reginald Nunu turned down the request as there was nothing to substantiate the allegations and to warrant the motion being tabled in the upcoming Provincial Assembly.

After the motion of no confidence was turned down by the speaker, Hon Martin and his group tried to rally support from MPAs to petitioned the speaker for disqualifying the motion of No-confidence.

The petition was ruled up by the speaker as it does not follow standing orders and that a petition could only be moved by the public.

Hon Martin also made a desperate move to boycott the upcoming Provincial assembly meeting to disrupt the budget meeting and rally support in other move to prolong things and move another motion of no-confidence.

This however will not be possible as another move for a motion of no confidence can only be moved twelve months after the current move.

Former Deputy Premier, Hypolite Tarimae and Former Minister of Primary Industry, Hon Matthew Taro reaffirming their commitments to GPCA with Premier Stanley Siapu. Looking on is Fr Dick Fagarigia Rector of Arunito parish

The GPCA led by Premier Siapu is not shaken by these moves though Hon Karani tried to infiltrate their group.

Premier’s group now commands 11 MPAs while Karani commands 9 MPAs.

A group meeting by GPCA on March 18 at SanBis lodge has shown that the GPCA team is now intact together again.

The group has a common stand by their policy which they have developed when coming into power in January 2016.

This is something which two successive governments which Karani is a member of has nothing to offer the people of Makira Ulawa Province.

The current audit report of 2014/2015 under the reign of Premier Weape and Karani has SBD$1.8M in unaccounted for funds which the current government is trying its very best to solve.

Under their reign Premier Siapu noted that they have a lot of rolled-over projects totaling up to 14 which show a very bad management by their government then.

“Today we have trimmed that down to two rolled over projects in one year.

“This shows that we are improving despite their allegations.

“Back logs of credit with NPF and Payee totaled up to $558,926.13; credits from 2010 to 2015 which is under their reign were also left for our government.

“Today we have cleared $350,563.81. This is more than 62 percent of these credits which shows signs of good management and improvement by our government.”

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