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Police kills 20 crocs in Roviana

THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) and Participating Police Force (PPF) officers have killed twenty crocodile in Roviana Lagoon, Western Province over the past week.

Munda police operation officer confirmed this to Island Sun Gizo yesterday.

It was confirmed that officers have killed 20 crocodiles within Hapai, Olive, Tombo, Mare Camp and Opele area.

He said the officers started their hunt over the weekend with two RAMSI officials, PPF and Munda Police officers who were all involved in destroying crocodile breeding sites.

“We are able to kill more than 20 crocodiles within the Roviana Lagoon, but we are yet to reach other villages within the Roviana Lagoon.”

“We advise community Chiefs, elders and children to stay away from river banks to avoid crocodile attack,” he added.

“We will continue to hunt for crocodiles as villagers are concerned with the increased sighting as well as deaths relating to crocodile attacks recently in Roviana Lagoon,” said the officer.

He said villagers have continued to request the RSIPF to hunt and destroy more crocodiles in the Roviana Lagoon.

This paper understands that more than a week ago an eight year-old girl was found inside the stomach of a huge crocodile at Rorosi village, also in the Roviana lagoon.

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