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Ministry of education officials visit to Choiseul on ECE consultations

DEAR EDITOR, I learned with dismay on the recent visit by Ministry of Education officials on a proposed ECE Consultations in Choiseul which was carried out in Poroporo and Taro Primary School by a Team of four (4) officials (including a Technical Advisor).

I see it absurd for the team to spend nearly whole day in Poroporo Primary School and about 2 hours only at Taro Primary School.

The worst thing is they came to consult with Taro Primary School Teachers after 4.30pm which is after official hours. Further to that teachers have already left and have to be recalled to the School compound for the consultation. To me this is disorganised and had belittled Taro Primary School community.

The School community should have been informed of such high level meeting in advance and should be attended to during the official hours or alternative times prearranged.

I was only told by parents of their coming on the same day and they left on the next day for Gizo.

Their coming is very important for parents to attend and hear from them and also raise issues within that context.

It was also later known that the Team supposed to spend two days in Choiseul so as to enable them to visit Nukiki Primary School and Molevaga village. However, it never happened due to them cutting their trip shot to one day as they rushed to go to Gizo the next day for reasons only known to them.

I therefore request Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education to question this Team why they see it fit to go and enjoy time at Sorave Water falls during the official hours of the day and meet with Taro Primary Teachers after 4.30pm.

I am not sure if visiting of Sorave Water falls is also part of their mission schedule.

Thank you

John Mutukuda

Grassroot Choiseulese

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