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Provincial leaders commend Arnavon Marine Park

Minister of Environment, Samuel Manetoali posing with leaders of the three communities on Isabel and Choiseul Province with the certificate officially recognising Arnavon as a Marine Park.

PROVINCIAL Leaders have appreciated the stunning achievement leading to the setup of the Arnavon Community Marine Park’s declaration.

The Provincial Government of Isabel and Choiseul Province saluted The Nature Conservation and three communities, Katupika, Wagina and Kia for seriously considering Marine conservation on the Arnavon Islands.

The idea to conserve Marine lives, especially in a place frequented by hawksbill and Green sea turtles had inspired leaders from three communities to combine despite culture and race.

Premier of Isabel Province, Mr James Habu said as a provincial government he is proud three communities involved had created a pathway that maps Solomon Islands from the provincial, national and regional level.

He adds that the declaration of the Arnavon Community Marine Park will encompass strong enforcement for rangers, inspectors and Police Officers to act according to the Protected Area Act 2010.

Three members of the Arnavon Rangers during its introducing session which many already spend years working on Arnavon Island

“I hope it will encompasses strong enforcement by our rangers, inspectors and Police Officers so that we can maintain this place as a true laboratory for our generation and those to come,” Premier Habu said.

However, Hon Habu said although this is a remarkable achievement, the toughest roads are ahead of them, and he assured leaders that the Isabel Provincial Government will always support ACMP according to its capacity.

Deputy Premier of Choiseul Province, Mr Alpha Kimata said he is proud of Arnavon Island’s Marine initiative that falls in line with Choiseul province’s vision and mission statements.

“It is our commitment to see such initiative achieved at the community and provincial level peacefully, and the Arnavon communities have proved this for more than 20 years, Hon Kimata said.

He adds that the partnership of TNC with communities for the Arnavon marine protected area is an eye opener to provincial tribal communities’ joint venture into conservation and resources management since 2004.

Members of the Isabel Provincial Government in photo session

“It is because of the living marine laboratory that we have more than thirty locally managed marine areas so far, thus this has triggered development of ridges to reefs conservation plans,” Mr Kimata said.

Meanwhile, Mr Kimata said the Choiseul province government under its relevant divisions will continue work with Arnavon Management at any undertaking that needs their attention.