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Makira-Ulawa leaders urged to bring development

Kirakira market vendors are calling on their province’s leaders to quickly build a new market house or them after the demolition of the old one in 2015…Photo Taromane Martin

PEOPLE in Makira Ulawa Province (MUP) are calling on their provincial government and their members of parliament to bring development to the province.

Market venders in the provincial capital Kirakira call on the province’s leaders to build a new market house in the province after the demolition of the old market house in 2015.

Margret Keihinnua, a vendor, says it is high time the provincial government provide them a proper market house where they can sell their harvests from the weather.

“We are vulnerable to the hot sun and rain. We have no shade to protect us and our products when we come to sell them at Kirakira,” Mrs Keihinua said.

“We have seen a lot of government and leaders come and go but none is willing to recognise our plight.

“Therefore I’m calling on our leaders to of their jobs and bring important development and infrastructures to the province,” she said.

Transaction taking place at the market place. A new market house is expected to be built for farmers and market vendors in Kirakira says Provincial chief development Officer Ian Waena…Photo Taromane Martin

Since the demolition of the old market house in 2015, Kirakira market users have been forced to sell their crops in rather unhygienic condition in the provincial capital.

But, according to Makira Ulawa Province’s chief development officer, Ian Waena, building of a new market house is expected to start next month once the provincial budget is scrutinised.

“Developments are coming to the province. Plans are already in place for the construction of the market house and the building of a ramp at the wharf.

“Now work on tar sealing the road is set to kick off. It will cover 65 km of road starting from West Rawo in the east down to Wango west of Kirakira,” Mr Waena said.

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