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Hon Mewa wants Lata airport upgraded

MEMBER of Parliament for Temotu Nende has called on the government to upgrade Lata domestic Airport.

Hon Commins Aston Mewa said upgrading of Lata domestic Airstrip is immediate and important in order to serve the people of Temotu and boost economic activities within the province.

He said Temotu Province is capable of assisting the economic growth of Solomon Islands as such there must be funds allocated to development the province’s needed infrastructures.

Hon Mewa said prioritisation of development in Temotu province will boost the country’s economy as well as the province.

He said consultation and negotiation to establish a trade link between Vanuatu and Temotu province has been taking shape.

Hon Mewa said Temotu province has been discussing possible invest programmes that would provide a catalyst to the proposed trade link as such, upgrading of Lata Airport is of great importance.

He continues to say that a fishing company has already established in Lata with all formality already sealed however the development is yet to operate due to lack of Infrastructure more especially Airport.

Hon Mewa said the proposed development wants good airport to transport the products to and from Temotu province and that is the reason the proposed development fail to prosper.

“We cannot drive this important development without an airport so I call on the government to prioritise upgrading of Lata Airport so that Temotu Province can also contribute to the economic development of the country,” he explained.

Hon Mewa said Temotu Province owns a largest sea boundary in Solomon Islands and that the province is confident to execute the proposed fishing industry.


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