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Legal minimum wages long overdue: Hon Ete

Hon Douglas Ete

MEMBER of Parliament for East Honiara says the Legal Minimum Wages rate is long overdue.

Speaking in Questions and Answers during the Fifth meeting of Tenth Parliament, Hon Douglas Ete said the disparity between current minimum wages rate and general price inflation are miles apart.

He said price inflation has continued to rise over the past ten years while the legal minimum wages rate remains stagnant giving a major blow to employees in coping with purchasing power on a daily basis.

“Purchasing power have been very weak because it’s now over ten years. My question is, when will the new legal minimum wages increase comes into effect,” Hon Ete said.

He said the current Legal Minimum Wages was endorsed in 2006 and remains for the past 10 years.

Hon Ete said the review was made in comparison to the government’s basket in 2001, a year after the country suffered economically from the ethnic tension.

He said the review was profane with the involvement of International Labour Organisation (ILO) in determining the decision.

He recalled that the review was positive and that credits should be given to the then Prime Minister in 2006.

“It is sad the ruling government since 2006 failed to review the minimum wages rate,” Hon Ete said.

He calls on the government to immediately review the current legal minimum wages so that both public servants and employees in the private sector cope with the current goods prices as well as other financial demands.

Hon Ete said wages plays an important role to employee social security in terms of providing foods and other needs of their families.

He stressed that the current Commissioner of Labour has the experience that would help the government review the current minimum wages rate.

Responding to the question raised, Minister of Labour, Commerce, Labour and Immigration Hon Elijah Doromuala said the new legal minimum wages will be announced in June this year.

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