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Taiwan donates fabrics to SIG

PM Sogavare and Taiwan Ambassador to Solomon Islands, Mr Roger Luo made official handover of fabrics at the Port area yesterday

TAIWANESE Embassy handed over fabric worth more than half a million dollars to the Solomon Islands government yesterday.

Grossing $625,000 and totaling overall 33,593 yards, the fabric were handed over by Ambassador HE Roger Luo to Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare at a ceremony held at the Ports compound.

The fabrics are donated by SimplyHelp Foundation, a Taiwanese-American Charity organisation based in Los Angeles, United States.

HE Luo said he believes the Solomon Islands Government will smartly distribute the fabric.

“I believe this fabric will be smartly distributed by Hon Prime Minister and his office to people in need and make good use of it,” HE Luo said.

He also shared of Taiwan’s rich history in the textile industry of the world.

“In 1980s, because of the rises of labour costs in Taiwan, Textile industry started to invest abroad around the world, especially in South East Asia, Caribbean countries and Africa,” HE Luo said.

HE Luo assures Taiwan will continue to support Solomon Islands, and will try its best to assist SIG and find support from private sectors and charity groups to help Solomon Islands.

HE Luo thanked the Prime Minister, PMO and SIPA CEO Eranda Kotelawala and its Board members and staff to facilitate logistic assistances which made the event a successful one.

Prime Minister Sogavare said Solomon Islands and the Republic of China (Taiwan) continue to enjoy an excellent relationship.

“The decision to recognise ROC (Taiwan) is a choice deliberately made by Solomon Islands, of course amongst other 23 friends in the world.

“For recognising ROC, always an emphasis when we talk about relationship, it is based on fundamental principles that when we based fundamental believes on, we will never go wrong.

“I think that summarise it up, we can give but if those giving a not motivated by Love it is something else.

“This is goes beyond politics, this comes from the heart of your people from the United States of America,” PM Sogavare said.