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Tourists describe Onua as “hidden paradise in West”

Some of the OTurist enjoying their walk on the beach

VISITING tourists on Saturday expressed their admiration for Onua Island as the ‘hidden paradise’ to visit in Shortland Islands in Western Province.

The tourists arrived on board the cruise boat MS Bremen around 1pm on Saturday afternoon.

It was a very busy day for the tourists as they came across something new at Onua and Nila.

Western Province Principal Tourism Officer Fabina Lilo yesterday said tourists on board MS Bremen were very excited during their first stopover at Onua Island on Saturday, and they loved the environment and the surroundings at Onua and Nila.

Mrs Lilo said tourists loved swimming along the coastline and felt blessed to attend a Palm Sunday church service at Nila Village on Sunday.

“Most tourists expressed their excitements to the people of Shortland Islands, especially community members of Onua and Nila Village.

“Most Tourists visited Onua and Nila are bird watchers and divers who loved to visit Onua and other World War II sites in the Shortland Islands.

Time to rest and explore

Looking over to Onua point

“Tourists most love the Island and they enjoy visited some of the historical sites and war memorials within Shortland while most of them love to attend church service at Nila.”

Mrs Lilo said the ship spent the Saturday at Onua Island before moving on to Nila the next day.

Western province Premier Wayne Maepio while acknowledging the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, SIVB and the Tourism Division of Western Province said the local government is committed to implement the Policy Statement 2017/2018, covering important developments in the social, economic, Infrastructure and Governance sectors.

He said the province is looking at expanding the baseline of the province in trying to promote tourism, and his government is looking at strengthening and improving existing tourism sites in the Province.

“We are looking at improving tourism Industry in Western Province,” said Maepio.

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