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Dozens homeless in Laro, Reef islands

FAMILIES have been left homeless at Laro, in the Reef Islands after 30 homes were pulled to the ground.

It was reported that this followed an advice from constituency officers from the Temotu Pele Constituency.

Reports reaching this paper had it that the Constituency Development Officer (CDO) and Constituency Project Officer (CPO) have ordered the people at the community to dismantle their houses to be rebuilt with permanent houses under the Constituency’s Housing Scheme fund.

“This is inhuman. People are now residing in thatch roof kitchen or makeshift shelters, which under laws is a deprivation of human rights,” said Eddie Grant Suku when relaying this to The Island Sun.

A couple from Laro community who are currently admitted at the National Referral Hospital, said it has taken some time now since the houses were dismantled, and there were no updates from the constituency officers.

“People at Laro are complaining and questioning the officers on where the $4 million constituency livelihood fund set for the housing scheme was spent,” Suku adds.

He said people are calling on the two constituency officers to go back and explain what has happened with the funds.

“They should go back and explain where the intended funds are, are they still available in constituency bank accounts or have they been exhausted,” he said.

The people at Laro have blamed the constituency officers for the misusing funds.

“The officers miserably failed the trust entrusted to them by their Member of Parliament (MP).

“And people are now worried about this because election is only 18 months away,” Suku stressed.

He adds that communities in Laro are prone to extreme weather such as cyclone, and if this cannot be solved it will jeopardise their livelihood and health.

“Students and children need to reside at proper homes,” Suku said.

While he acknowledged and appreciated the current MP’s assistance in water and sanitation projects being implemented at Laro, Mr Suku emphasized that the housing scheme must not be allowed to fail.

“I call on the MP to approach his CDO, CPO and Accountant to pull their socks up, and settle the issue currently faced by dozens at Laro community.

“Please rebuild their homes,” he concludes.

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