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A youth in Northwest Choiseul speaks out on corruption

A young man in Northwest Choiseul has spoken up and urged community and national leaders to rid corruption, make fair decisions, avoid nepotism and report corrupt acts and practices.

This youth has had the courage to speak out openly and we should be listening more to young people like him.

The vast majority of young people in the Solomon Islands know that corruption is wrong, have a high standard of personal integrity and simply aspire to live their lives in a just society.

It is safe to bet that there are young people, however, who have or are having to compromise their values and conform to what, sadly, they see to be the status quo.

Like the young man from Western Choiseul we should be encouraging other young people to take an active role in condemning and fighting corruption.

To capiitalise on their energy, the government should develop a national action plan in its anti-corruption strategy, including introducing anti-corruption curriculums and ethics training at all levels of education.

Although a cliché, often repeated, it is nevertheless true, young people represent the future of the Solomon Islands and I believe that they hold the power to change Solomon Islands society for the better.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short