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Friday, December 16th, 2016


CITREC opens opportunity for SI

THE Canadian International Training and Education Corp Office in Honiara highlighted Solomon Islands’ great opportunity to start looking at foreign remittances to grow its economy. Mr Ashwant Dwivedi, Chairman for Canadian International Training and Education Corp of the CITREC-GP programme, highlights there is great opportunity for Solomon Islands to start looking at foreign remittances as an opportunity to grow its economy. Mr Dwivedi said presently Solomon Islands is relying heavily on its natural resources as part of its earning which is a major time-bomb. He said, “natural resources will runRead More

CITREC-GP graduates 27 ready for work abroad

THE Guadalcanal Province under its labour mobility initiative with Canada has graduated 27 students yesterday. The 27 was a second group of students who have taken four months training under the GP and CITREC labour mobility programme this year. During the graduation yesterday, the CITREC representative also made known to GP officials, parents and students, 16 seasonal workers are ready; first seven will be on February, followed by four and then five from these graduates. According to GP and CITREC agreement, these graduates are entitled to work in Canada asRead More

NCMM return from Aussie tour

A 62-strong delegation of members of the Niuleni Community Music Ministry (NCMM) returned home on Wednesday from an 18-day trip to Australia touring Brisbane, Cooranbong, Sidney, Canberra and returning via the same route with stoppages in between. The tour was jointly organised by the group themselves and Adquest, a tour company in Australia. The group visited sites like the ‘Big Banana’ at Coffs Harbour, slept at the picturesque Watson Park and Yarrahapini Nature Conservation at Stuarts Point. Visiting wold life areas and have touching many of Australias wildlife like kangaroo’s,Read More

QBE thanks business partners for support

HOSTING an end-of-the-year cocktail party for business partners at Kitano Mendana Hotel, QBE saluted 2016 thanking its brokers and clients for a challenging but successful year. It was all made possible by the strong relationships the QBE team built with its close insurance partners, brokers URS, PIB and MAT. As the leading insurer in the Solomon Islands, backed by a robust knowledge of the local risks, regional expertise and global support, QBE strives to give people the confidence to achieve their ambitions. Following that, QBE set its vision high toRead More

The Japanese Government extends a message of sympathy to the Solomons earthquake victims and offers emergency support.

IT is reported that the Japanese government has expressed sympathy to the victims of last Friday’s earthquake and tsunami which struck parts of Makira and South Malaita. The Japanese Ambassador to the Solomon Islands, His Excellency Kenichi Kimiya, expressed his country’s sympathy to the victims on Monday, this week, during the official handing over of an emergency digital HF radio communication system in Honiara. The Japanese Ambassador was reported to have said, “Please allow me to express my heartfelt sympathy for the people those who have been affected by the powerfulRead More

A youth in Northwest Choiseul speaks out on corruption

A young man in Northwest Choiseul has spoken up and urged community and national leaders to rid corruption, make fair decisions, avoid nepotism and report corrupt acts and practices. This youth has had the courage to speak out openly and we should be listening more to young people like him. The vast majority of young people in the Solomon Islands know that corruption is wrong, have a high standard of personal integrity and simply aspire to live their lives in a just society. It is safe to bet that thereRead More

Think safety as you travel this festive season

IT’S that time of the year when travelling between our islands become so frequent. Despite the rainy season and at times strong winds and bad weather, the festive season is also a time to travel home to spend Christmas with loved ones. In the final week before Christmas there will be more travelling in ships, canoes and even in our small inter-island air crafts. Only few who can afford it spend Christmas and New Year overseas. We all know the rainy season continues until early next year, but the urgeRead More

Correction to media report

FOLLOWING the phone interview by sol star on the Minister of Finance contributions in Parliament on NPF investments, and that I had just arrived back from overseas with only the reporters interpretation of what was said, I feel it only right that after reading what the Minister has said, that I have interpreted it in a manner that was defensive, and would like to correct my statement in light of what the Minister was saying. It is obvious now that the Minister’s assessment was forward looking in ensuring a bestRead More

SIPEU Credit Union Board and Executive given another term

THE Board of Directors and Executive members of the Solomon Islands Public Employees Credit Union have been given another term in office in recognition of their fine achievements during the past two years. The decision was reached at the Credit Union’s Annual General Meeting yesterday in Honiara. The two-year appointments of nine of the board and executive members expired yesterday, but the quick intervention by the AGM to extend their term ensured they were allowed to stay on. The Board Members included the President, Moses Tepai, the National Treasurer, SmithRead More

Tourism, a promising industry for Solomon Islands

TOURISM industry has been described as a promising industry to grow the economy of the country. Director of Tourism Bunyan Sivoro said the growth of tourism sector will have a direct and tangible impact not only on the country’s economy but also people’s lives in the future. He stressed that the prediction foresees the industry as having the capability to spread the benefits across the country including to remote areas. Mr Sivoro added that the industry will be one instrument to provide employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for youths, women andRead More