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Think safety as you travel this festive season

IT’S that time of the year when travelling between our islands become so frequent.

Despite the rainy season and at times strong winds and bad weather, the festive season is also a time to travel home to spend Christmas with loved ones.

In the final week before Christmas there will be more travelling in ships, canoes and even in our small inter-island air crafts.

Only few who can afford it spend Christmas and New Year overseas. We all know the rainy season continues until early next year, but the urge to travel is always in our itineraries.

This time last year we have heard and seen people losing their lives at sea due to bad weather or engine fault which led to drifting far or drowning as a result of capsizing.

As more travelling is happening these times, we wish to caution all travellers to take heed and their safety be prioritised.

Always listen out to weather reports and turn on the radio to hear updates and advise from authorities like the National Disaster Management Office.

The Operation Safe Boats is underway so ship owners and ship masters are doing their best each day to ensure the travelling public is safe inside our ships and boats.

This operation is supported by the RSIPF-Police Maritime Unit and the Solomon Islands Ports Authority’s Shipping and Security Officers.

So both the travelling public and ship owners must comply with safety procedures issued by these authorities at all times.

To those who will be travelling by outboard motor canoes, please ensure you carry life jackets, torches, mobile phones, more paddles and other necessary equipment to assist you in the event you lost your course or experiencing mechanical breakdown.

Think safety first and we shall enjoy this festive season in a celebration mood. We do not want to be sad this Christmas, so ensure we travel safely by sea, land or air.

If you are staying in Honiara for Christmas, also ensure you drive safely in our roads and avoid drink driving.

We all want to pass through 2016 safely and successfully in order to see 2017 happily.

Safe travelling all and remember to Think Safety First.

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