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50 percent of blood bank supports mothers

THE National Medical Laboratory reports that mothers can use up to 50 percent of the blood supply at the National Referral Hospital.

Director of the National Medical Laboratory under the MHMS, Mr Alfred Dofai said mothers need blood most, especially at the Labour and Gynaecology Wards.

“And they use more than 50 percent of the supply. And labouring is a bloody business where they can loss lots of blood.

“So we must be there every time preparing blood from them to use,” Mr Dofai said.

He added that another group uses more blood at the hospital is the NCDs, especially those with diabetes.

Mr Dofai stressed it has been found that those with diabetes use lots of blood they should not when they fail to follow their medical advices.

Adding that in such cases it is very important for people to adhere to medical advices, so that they do not overuse the blood supply.

On the same note he said another thing experienced was the shortage of blood types.

Mr Dofai said out of the four types of blood, A, B, AB and O, blood O is the most demanded blood.

He said the reason for that is the blood O is a universal blood that can share with the rest of the blood types.

Mr Dofai said the second blood type which usually runs low at the hospital is blood A, and sometimes blood B and AB.

Mr Dofai said blood O is the most used blood. And there is a need for more blood O type to be supplied to the hospital.

He said all blood types are need and people must voluntarily donate blood to save life.

In the meantime, the country will mark the World Blood Donor Day tomorrow in Honiara.