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Monday, April 3rd, 2017


Namona’ako community benefits from water supply project

PEOPLE of Namona’ako today will have no issues with water after it was brought to their door steps through the help of DFAT and the European Union (EU). The water supply project was handed over to the community of Namona’ako last Friday. According to the community chairman Henry Hebala this project took them many years to negotiate in order for it to be implemented. “I thank the rural water and sanitation hygiene (RWASH) team under malaita province for their effort and concern towards this project which has come to realityRead More

Professional Taiwanese doctors willing to support Solomon Islands

TEAM of Doctors from the International College of Surgeons in Taiwan have made known their willingness to support the Solomon Islands following a successful visit in the country recently. A visit of four Professional Doctors from Taiwan’s College of Surgeons to the National Referral Hospital, Good Samaritan hospital and the Visale Community High School inspired them to voluntarily offer their expertise in the country. The group was led by Professor of Urology Dr Chun- Hsiung Huang, Professor of Neurosurgery Dr Aij-Lie Kwan from the Kaohsiung Medical University, anaesthesiologist Dr NeohRead More

Doctors introduce new concept for preventing diabetes

PROFESSIONAL Doctor from Pingtung Christian Hospital in Taiwan has introduced a new concept for the early prevention of amputation in the Solomon Islands. The Anaesthesiologist Dr Neoh Choo Aun, Director Research Department of Pingtung Christian Hospital in Taiwan is looking at introducing simple prevention measures for diabetic patients in the Solomon Islands. Dr Neoh said the steps include washing of people’s foot daily with soap, massage during washing and should be practise at home, this is described as simple but effective in managing amputation and diabetes. He said the conceptRead More

Digital marketing of Tourism and Indigenous crafts

THE proposed Craft Centre for Honiara is a good idea and has my support although dependent on donor funding to the tune of an expected outlay of $US1.2 million dollars. The Craft Centre, if eventually created, will give local artists the opportunity of displaying their wide variety of hand crafted products in a central location. Purchases, however, will be wholly dependent on visitors to the Craft Centre and largely, I suspect, to be those visiting Honiara on holiday, including those arriving on ships. What I personally believe is needed andRead More

Why is Caucus sticking to the DCC Government when its powers seem to have been undermined?

An analysis – Part II To an ordinary eye it does not make sense. Caucus knows its power base is being eroded by political decisions which should have been based on consultations with and consensus of the Parties Executives, consistent with the Coalition Agreement, which gave birth to the Democratic Coalition for Change [DCC] Government in 2014. Instead, Caucus is being used to rubber stamp political appointments that had been made essentially by one man. So why is Caucus behaving the way it is? Why is it not protesting whenRead More

A promise of more local jobs

THE Company Director of Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands, Ewan Blair, said in New Zealand last week that his company will be looking to create more jobs locally manufacturing soap, hand cream and coconut oil insect repellent. Mr Blair was attending the Auckland Pasifika festival where his company was showcasing the range of locally made products created from virgin coconut oil. Kokonut Pacific is known to have helped many village communities in the Solomons gain an income from using the tools supplied to extract virgin coconut oil within an hour ofRead More

Draft police MOU with Indonesia

Sir, ONCE again Indonesia versus West Papua is the political talk in the country. The Supervising Minister for Police in Solomon Islands Honorable Peter Channel was negotiating a draft Police cooperation related MOU with his counterpart in the Republic of Indonesia. Solidarity for West Papua in Solomon Islands condemned the actions of Solomon Islands supervising Minister and Police Commissioner. All this is happening while our Prime Minister was in full steam across MSG Capitals canvassing for West Papua to become member of Melanesia Spearhead Group. In all these recent events,Read More


DEAR EDITOR, As a concerned citizen of Solomon Islands, allow me a chance to emphasis on corruption as it is one of the main problems that hinder development and economic growth as far as any economy is concerned. For over three decades, our country has endured struggle and non-development since independence, it is visible that our country is way back from our neighbors as we can see there is no quality infrastructure, proper development, good welfare services and economic growth. It is very important for our government to make aRead More

HCC assisted with a Japanese manufactured shredding plant

LAST week, the Acting City Clerk of the HCC, received a very expensive and practical shredding plant donated by Sumimoto SMM Ltd. The shedding equipment will be put to practical use at the Ranadi landfill site where it will turn organic waste into compost. Apart from helping to reduce rubbish at the dumpsite, the compost will be useful for local farmers. This assistance to the HCC is much appreciated and will contribute to the HHC’s management and beneficial use of green waste from the central market. Thank you, Sumitomo SMM.Read More

We need more women in Parl: Hon Freda

MEMBER of Parliament for Temotu Vatud Constituency and Minister for Women, Youth, and Children’s Affairs says more women are needed in Parliament. Speaking during the Women in Politics Forum last week, Hon. Freda Tuki Soriocomua said the political representation of women in parliament is very unfair and that more jobs should be done to put more women in parliament. She encourages intending women candidates to prepare now as the election is coming closer. “Think of who you are and what you can do for our people. Prove yourselve to theRead More