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Draft police MOU with Indonesia


ONCE again Indonesia versus West Papua is the political talk in the country.

The Supervising Minister for Police in Solomon Islands Honorable Peter Channel was negotiating a draft Police cooperation related MOU with his counterpart in the Republic of Indonesia.

Solidarity for West Papua in Solomon Islands condemned the actions of Solomon Islands supervising Minister and Police Commissioner.

All this is happening while our Prime Minister was in full steam across MSG Capitals canvassing for West Papua to become member of Melanesia Spearhead Group.

In all these recent events, where is the solidarity of Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) for West Papua?

The people of Solomon Islands can only support a Governments stand on West Papua to the extent all Cabinet Ministers stand in solidarity with the Prime Minister.

The Supervising Minister’s action reminds me of what the same minister did some years back, as our Foreign Minister then, when he met the Russian Foreign Minister in Suva. He got the sack then.

The DCCG time in power is closing in. I only hope the National Government does not complete the draft MOU with Indonesia but allow the new Government after 2018 General Election to decide on the issue. A political delay is worth it.

What’s the rush and whose interest? DCCG must not commit a” political sin” with Indonesia by contradicting the country’s stand for West Papua.

Once the MOU is signed It is always difficult to politically shun away from the “hands that feeds you,” Solomon Islands will be the looser!

DCCG will only blame itself if our fight to bring West Papua into the MSG family- as a member did not occur in its time because Cabinet Ministers cannot make a stand like the Prime Minister.

Clement Kengava

(former MP)

Taro, Choiseul

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