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Students urged to make change

THE President of University of South Pacific Solomon Islands Campus has called on students to become agents of positive change.

In his speech during the USPSI end of Semester activities over the weekend, Mr Kenneth Rodgers Havilegu told the students that the older generation will be retiring soon and that the future will be in the hands of the present generation.

He encourages students to lead an ideal to become leaders of the next generation, an ideal in which students can use their respective cultural heritage, beliefs and cultural expressions to contribute to the development of the country and an ideal students can use their knowledge and understanding to drive development and prosperity of the country’s future.

“As students, we are call to uphold these ideals or values – because the future of our society or our country is in our hands. So let us remind ourselves to remember who we are.

“Inspiration and determination in which we endure during the course of study was part of our enormous impact in our lives that always drive us forward even the path is uncertain.

“We wanted to create a way to recognize and celebrate the work of other young leaders who demonstrate the dedication and bravery to move forward with their positive agendas, even under very challenging circumstances.

“As students, we are in the midst of this battle, we are still in the cross road of change, so let us work hard, study hard, play hard and prayer hard in the days and years to come to achieve these goals,” Mr Havilegu said.

He advised the students that creating change in individual lives empowers each and every youth to explore ways of helping to bring about beneficial change in the lives of others.

Mr Havilegu said the journey towards achieving better living will not come easy and that students must be prepared to confront the realities in life and the world around us.