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Samsung Galaxy note 7 not sold here

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones..Photo supplied.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones..Photo supplied.

OUR Telekom Company has clarified that they only sell Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone and not the Galaxy Note 7.

Lawrence Nodua from Our Telekom Company adds that they have not even ordered the product, and that the individuals in the country who own Galaxy Note 7 may have bought them elsewhere or have brought it into the country from overseas.

He said Telekom Company takes care of its customers with the products that it provides for them.

This week Solomon Airlines issued a notice banning the Galaxy Note 7 from being carried on board any of its crafts, saying the device has been causes for fire.

In a press release the company said “This follows the recent emergency alerts issued by major aviation regulatory authorities banning the device amidst persisting reports of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones catching fire”.

Passengers are therefore not permitted to carry the Galaxy Note 7 – including recalled and replacement devices – on their person, in cabin bags, in check-in baggage or as cargo.

Any guests found with the device will be denied boarding.

“Safety is and will always be of paramount importance to Solomon Airlines and we urge our valued passengers to strictly adhere to this safety notice.”

Korean electronics giant Samsung has suspended the production of its troubled Galaxy Note 7 smartphones altogether, after more reports of exploding batteries.

Last month the company issued a global recall of its latest premium handset after a number caught fire.