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RSIPF Fire Service receives million-dollar facility

ROYAL Solomon Island Police Fire Service yesterday received a world-class million-dollar facility.

Police Commissioner Frank Prendergast said the new facility is another visible sign of commitment of the RSIPF to better serve the community.

“And we are expecting the service that we are delivering will improve,” Mr Prendergast said.

He also said that the new facility will serve the country for a long time and also called on the communities to support police in their work.

He said there will be education and awareness in relation to fire prevention and other things therefore he called on for community support on those issues as fire fighters alone cannot be successful in their work without communities and stakeholders working together with them.

It is the first time for the RSIPF fire service to have such a facility since their establishment.

Mr Prendergast said, “The relocation and building of the new Fire Station’s has been proposed for more than 30 years, after Chief Fire officer’s like John Gatu (retired Chief Superintendent), Timothy Papangu (retired Chief Superintendent) and Superintendent John Koloni tried their best to have a station constructed the 80s and in 2009.

“The Fire Service was located in a building next to the Rove Prison gate until 2014 when the building was condemned because of its deteriorating condition and temporary relocated to the Police Club, until now.”

He further added that, “In 2010 the work in identifying a suitable site commenced with the assistance of the PPF and Construction of the building commenced in early 2016”.

Meanwhile RAMSI Special Coordinator Mr Quinton Devlin said yesterday marks RAMSI’s last major step in ensuring RSIPF emergency response capability will be ready before RAMSI leaves in June this year.

Mr Devlin said, “I also take this opportunity to acknowledge the very strong support of the outgoing RSIPF Police Commissioner to the fire service along with his support to other areas of the RSIPF, Commissioner Prendergast has had a transformational impact in terms of ensuring the fire and rescue service has the facilities, tools, people and skills to meet the needs of this country in a sustainable and affordable manner.”

He said, “RAMSI will leave Solomon Islands in five months’ time with confidence that RSIPF firefighters and emergency responders are not only well-trained but also committed to protecting life and property.”

The formal handing over of the keys for the new complex was conducted by the RAMSI Special Coordinator and PPF Commander Mr John Tanti to Police Commissioner Frank Prendergast.